Devondale dairy products are made by the Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Ltd, which is the largest co-operative dairy company in Australia. This co-operative is responsible for nearly 35% of Australia's milk production and collects more milk from farmers than any other company. In 1950 14 dairy farmers established the co-operative. The name was introduced in 1960 to reflect the co-op's area of operation. The shareholder directors, of Murray Goulburn Co-operative, are elected by fellow farmers. The purchase of the cream division of Devondale Cream Company in 1972 was significant, as this established the Devondale brand name. The company now has 6 factories in Victoria along with 26 trading stores, serving the rural community throughout Victoria and NSW. The company uses the latest technology to test milk from suppliers and ensure high quality manufactured products. It has also been a pioneer in the cheese industry and created a system of cheese making which has enabled a product to contain only 7% fat. In addition, the company has been a leader in the development of the UHT system, which allows millk products to be stored without refridgeration. Devondale continues to be a leader in innovation by keeping well aware of their customers needs. Increased health awareness has seen the introduction of low fat products, and nutritious and convenient products for the time constrained customer.

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