Sanitarium is a company who is passionate about nutrition. They stand by the statement "What you feed your body and your mind, changes the way you feel". This is part of the reason why they are Australia's number 1 selling breakfast cereal. Sanitarium considers the environment in areas of technology, energy sources and methods of operation to create an efficient and sustainable business. Sanitarium is dedicated to the wellbeing of Australian communities. Some of their community based initiatives include: A percentage of their profits are invested in national and local programs which help Children and their families make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Australia Wide Delivery

We deliver everywhere in Australia, we pride ourselves on giving customers all over Australia access to the best Australian products available. Australian Food Solutions!

Every Shop Contributes.

Each time your family shops with us and spends over $40, we grow and gift a food tree back to the community.


Each food tree is given away in a recycled bio cup. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sustainable Community Vision.

Auswise is an efficient tangible way to create employment in our country and reduce carbon pollution by buying local. We seek your empathy to our cause and look forward to bringing you positive creative food solutions right to your door.