Snack Brands Australia is a young, 100% Australian owned and operated company. The company has become an umbrella for some of Australia's iconic snack food brands such as Thins, Samboy, CC's, French Fries, Cheezels and more. The brands acquired by Snack Brands Australia hold a unique place in Australian history. The honouring of Australian history and the pride for Australian made products is what places this company in high regard amongst consumers. Some of their highly appealing products include The Real McCoy's range including Jumpy's and Burger Man. The company is also dedicated to sourcing new exciting Australian products in the snack range, providing a prediction of strong growth for such a young up and coming Australian entreprise. Snack Brands are customer and consumer focused. Their values include: Snack Brands Australia's Vision is to ignite Australia's passion for great tasting snacks with the best quality products and the most loved brands.

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We deliver everywhere in Australia, we pride ourselves on giving customers all over Australia access to the best Australian products available. Australian Food Solutions!

Every Shop Contributes.

Each time your family shops with us and spends over $40, we grow and gift a food tree back to the community.


Each food tree is given away in a recycled bio cup. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sustainable Community Vision.

Auswise is an efficient tangible way to create employment in our country and reduce carbon pollution by buying local. We seek your empathy to our cause and look forward to bringing you positive creative food solutions right to your door.